Finally our debut album Reborn was released last sunday and you can check it right here. We want to thank everyone who helped us make the record and hope you will like it.


The record was recorded at Studio 195, Wenhout by Patrick Delabier.


The artwork was made by "Jasper Infested Art" Swerts and the DTP was by Ries and Casper Meijer.


We had so much fun making this record and we couldnt have done it without you. So see you out there for some kick ass

rock n roll punk parties, check out tour list for dates.






Upcoming Shows:

31-03-2018 - Das Blaue Haus - Monchengladbach

01-04-2018 - Het Koersepeerd - Brugge

03-04-2018 - MCP Apache - Fontaine L'Evique

05-04-2018 - Music City - Antwerpen

06-04-2018 - De Meister - Geleen

07-04-2018 - De Witte Non - Hasselt

19-04-2018 - Secret Location - Utrecht

14-04-2018 - P8 - Terborg

12-05-2018 - Vrankrijk - Amsterdam


Past Shows:

25-03-2018 - Baroeg - Rotterdam

24-03-2018 - Innocent - Hengelo

23-03-2018 - Magasin 4 - Brussel

17-02-2018 - Willemeen - Arnhem *w/ Varukers

16-02-2018 - So What - Gouda

15-02-2018 - Gebr de Nobel - Leiden *w/ Varukers)

10-02-2018 - Diedfest, Flaatertheek - Naaldwijk

19-01-2018 - Pleuropsonic, Crowbar - Groningen

13-01-2018 - De Rotonde  Berkel en Rodenrijs

13-10-2017   The Morgue   Leeuwarden

14-10-2017   Kopi   Berlin

22-12-2017   Kroepoekfabriek   Vlaardingen

28-09-2017   Vrankrijk   Amsterdam

11-09-2017   CAB03   Leiden

02-09-2017   De Vinger   Den Haag

18-08-2017   Ducttape Studios   Rotterdam

29-07-2017   Innocent   Hengelo

20-07-2017   Eendrachtsfestival   Rotterdam

14-07-2017   Musicon   Den Haag

30-06-2017   Cafe Bluff   Heerlen

23-06-2017   MIR   Rotterdam

02-06-2017   Paardcafe   Den Haag


Slavery Farm was born in the summer of 2017. Raindrops changed in a beautiful sun strip clearing the blocked view of society.Their music takes you to another world telling stories about the severe torture and slave called "man-kind" .


This 4 piece band is a abortion of the 3 bands called FOKKUM, Rott n Damned and The Afterveins. All members have been

in a shitload of other bands but that is not important. The only thing notable enough is that Slavery Farm is a ball of high paced anger. The band is raging on stage and takes you to the upper stage of getting your rocks off.  They combine hardcore, d-beat and crust and created a dynamic sound, always groovin!


So get your ass of this website, check our songs and come out to one of our concerts to get down under Slavery Farm.



Richard Willemse - Drums

Matthew Altorf - Vocals

Daniel Dijkstra - Guitars

Xander van Dijck - Bass Guitar




Shows with Varukers

We want to thenk you for the awesome weekend. The shows with Varuker's we're awesome. The crowd was insane and we had a great time. We want to thank Willemeen and Gebr de Nobel for the great hospitality. At these evenings we remember again that music connects people more than anything, drinking beers, get loaded and play some kick ass rock n roll together without bounderies. Punk was never dead and these eveinings confirm this.



New song Rebown

Check our newest song Reborn right down here.

Pleuropsonic was chaos

The show in the Crowbar Groningen at Pleuropsonic was mayhem. Thanks to everybody who came out to support us. Olaf you are a special guy organising this big event and showing your honest big heart for the punk scene. Also a big shout out to Esther for being the best bar chick ever you showed us what a good really is. Robbie and Annelies you we're the crazy motherfuckers big thanks to you also. Next up we have a mini tour with Varukers so be prepared for more punk ass vibes. Until the 15th, 16th and 17th of feb.


Cheers, SF


Live at Cafe Bluff - Heerlen

Live at CAB 03 - Leiden

Do you want to book us? ask some silly shit or just have a conversation with one of us crazy boys.


Get in touch with us by contacting the form or send a email to:

Tel: +316-36 56 10 91


We will crack on!


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This website is made by Xander van Dijck in 2017, enjoy the music of Slavery Farm